Fastening technology

Hot Cold Wet

At a glance

  • Min./max. sheet thickness: 0.5 mm to 6 mm
  • Max. strip width: 600 mm
  • Max. stamp working space: WxL: 1100 mm x 2500 mm
  • Own toolmaking shop
  • CAD: Siemens NX
  • CAM NX software for  5-axes milling
  • ERP: SAP
  • APIS software for FMEA
  • Allert machinery inventory
  • Automatic presses with pressing forces of 120 to 4000 kN
  • Hydraulic/insertion presses from 1000 kN
  • EMO washing system
  • Surface finishing machine

Allert connectors are used for reliable fastening in a variety of industrial areas.

We develop applications for exhaust systems in the automotive sector (e.g. turbochargers, diesel particle filters, silencers, etc.). Non-automotive developments encompass applications for housing, building, cable and transmission technology.

Our products and applications are resistant to corrosion and acid and impress through their vibration and noise damping characteristics, low weight and high tensile strength and temperature resistance. .


V-profile clamps

Customised solutions