Industrial processes

Industrial processes
  • Chip conveyors and central chip disposal systems
  • Press scrap disposal and central press scrap disposal systems
  • Pass-through washing plants
  • Component transport
  • Forging shops
  • Foundries
  • Assembly feed lines

For demanding and diverse transport tasks in industrial processes. Extremely hard-wearing, wear-resistant and precision made and assembled in Germany — these are the qualities of Allert conveyor belts. Their compact and flexible construction makes them suitable for a wide variety of commercial and industrial transport tasks such as feeding materials into plant, ongoing production processes, the transport of parts between different equipment and sub-processes and the discharge of finished products from plant or disposal of waste materials.

With flexible nominal widths in 50 mm steps and a large number of variants, Allert hinged plate belts can be designed to suit virtually any application. They are temperature resistant up to 300° C and always of a consistently high quality certified according to TS 16949. Thanks to the very narrow gap between plates, damage to the belt due to jammed or dragging components is considerably reduced and long working lifetimes for belts are guaranteed.

The Allert hinged plate belt range has been developed as a modular system and is suitable for problem-solving in the construction and operation of simple or complex plant and equipment. Particular care in material selection, decades of experience in production and the use of very modern production equipment ensure the highest quality for use under the most difficult conditions, be they hot, cold, wet or involve aggressive materials. Based on standard designs, the Allert hinged plate belt range already encompasses a wide variety of sizes, components and materials which can be individual configured to meet the customer’s needs.

Environmental technology

Environmental technology
  • Glass recycling
  • Plastic recycling
  • Paper recycling
  • Wood chip / pellet transport

Few sectors have grown in such importance in recent years as environmental technology, raw material treatment and recycling. Perfected, smooth conveying processes are an absolutely core criterion in this respect. With its hinged plate Belt, Allert is a proven partner much in demand in this context.

Allert can meet practically every requirement in the area of material handling and conveying, providing solutions in a variety of lengths, nominal widths, material thicknesses and designs. Regardless of whether standard applications or individual configurations are involved, the conveying of parts between systems or the removal of material from industrial processes, Allert conveyor belts are conveying solutions which can be relied upon in even the most demanding operational environments. 

Food technology

Food technology
  • Tunnel and continuous ovens
  • Tunnel and blast chillers
  • Continuous smoking units
  • Pasteurisation units

The strictness of requirements in the area of food technology has increased continuously in recent years. In addition to conveying quantities, these demands are also reflected in aspects such as safety and hygiene directives.

Allert Belts solutions are an absolutely perfect choice in this respect. In addition to being available in a variety of sizes and designs, our hinged steel belts can also withstand the most varied temperature ranges without difficulty – regardless of whether extreme heat (e.g. in ovens) or cold (e.g. chillers and freezers) is involved.

We supply stainless hinged steel belts specially designed for the food sector. Familiar flexibility and quality is combined with a specific stainless steel surface to enable rapid, uncomplicated cleaning and prevent the migration of substances. Allert is your ideal partner for conveying processes in the food sector.

Automotive industry

Automotive industry

Applications for

  • Engines, gears and transmissions, drive shafts and other areas
  • Exhaust systems (e.g. turbochargers, diesel particle filters, silencers, etc.)

The automotive industry is one of the leading German sectors, supplying markets on a global level. Allert has been a much sought-after partner with a proven record in the automotive industry for many years. Our involvement in this sector is reflected in the development of applications for a variety of vehicle areas, with stamped and bent parts designed to specification and manufactured with cutting-edge know-how on the latest machinery.

The core factors in this respect are precision fits, the finest material quality, reliability, a long service life and temperature resistance. Experience gained in innumerable development processes enable Allert to master practically every challenge to the highest specifications – flexibly, individually and exactly to your requirements. In cooperation with our customers, we develop applications to meet specifications and keep the world moving.

Machinery and plant engineering

Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
  • Chip disposal
  • Feeding technology
  • Automation

As an overall sector, machinery and plant engineering encompasses the production of innumerable complex industrial products and includes a multitude of upstream and downstream companies and processes.

Allert solutions and applications are used here in the most varied areas. Our conveyor chains make us an important part of feeding, conveying and disposal processes. Our fastening solutions contribute to reliable and enduring automation in many systems. Our experience and expertise makes us a reliable and competent partner at all times in this respect. 

Naturally enough, Allert conveying and fastening solutions are also in demand in many other sectors.
Simply contact us, and we will be happy to compile solution proposals individually tailored to suit your needs.