Conveyor belts

Packages Bulk goods Chips Food Wet Cold Hot

Application areas

  • Disposal of chips, waste and sheet metal scraps
  • Transport of parts between items of equipment
  • Feeding into plant and discharging from it
  • E.g. transport of castings and forgings (hot or cold)
  • E.g. transport of bolts and metal parts
  • Food technology: Tunnel chillers and ovens


Recycling Machinery and plant engineering Food Industry Chemical industry

Allert conveyor belts get the production cycle moving. Smooth transport of conveyed goods into and out of items of equipment, and between equipment and sub-processes is child’s play for our individually tailored conveyors. They are extremely hard-wearing, wear-resistant and precision made and assembled in Germany. Our conveyor belts are available in various pitches and versions for a wide range of applications.

“Heavy” conveyor belts

conveyor belts

Conveyors for specific applications

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