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At a glance

  • Welded design
  • Nominal widths from 200 to 1,500 mm
  • Hinges flat or checkerplate
  • Hinge thickness 5 mm
  • Hinges made throughout of a single piece
  • Gap between hinges max. 1.5 mm
  • Side wing height 100 mm
  • Deflection radius upwards min. 650 mm
  • Drive chains inner width 26 mm
  • Roller Ø 66.7 mm
  • Breaking load of each chain 190,000 N
  • Maximum operating temperature 300° C
Hinged Steel Belt Pitch 152.4
Riveted connection link for hollow pin chain, Inner width 26 mm
Hollow pin chain, Inner width 26 mm, Hollow pin bore diameter Ø 20,2 mm, Roller Ø 66,7 mm, Breaking load FB min. 190.000 N
Hinged Steel Belt with a sprocket NW = Nominal width
Connecting link


Checkerplate with side wings
Checkerplate with side wings
Flat with side wings
Flat with side wings